About: Legends of Canadian Motocross

LEGENDS OF CANADIAN MOTOCROSS (LOCMX) is a project that came out of the need to record the history of Motocross in Canada. With each generation a little more information gets left behind. Before long some individuals that excelled to their highest potential will be forgotten.

LOCMX was put together by Bill Petro, one of Canada’s top photojournalists and motorcycle specialist. By matching legendary stories with pictures captured, he hopes the memory of the past legends live on.

 These photos bring the history of Canadian motocross to life for younger fans, while triggering memories of excitement, drama, and fierce competition for spectators and participants of the actual events.

 Although most of the LOCMX images were from Bill Petro’s photo archive, many more images captured by fellow photographers across Canada have been borrowed from the Canadian Motor Sport Archive (CMSA).

 Some of you might remember the LOCMX photo display that would  attend some shows and race events. Well, for now we will put that display in storage and for now we will try to bring you the pictures and information through this website.  One day we hope to have a new traveling display with your generous support.

Your support can go a long way to keeping this website growing with information.  Visit the store to see how you can help the Legends of Canadian Motocross can keep their stories alive for generations to come.