Niagara Falls Club Track 1964
Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, 1972
Streetsville Motocross, 1972
#24 Paul Duncan

Legends of Canadian Motocross

Preserving the History of Canadian Motocross

Legends of Canadian Motocross (LCM) project is aimed at preserving the history of Canadian Motocross and all those whose contributions have become legendary. It is as much an educational tool as it is a resource and cornerstone to the legacy of MX in Canada. Our goal is to publish a racing bio of all of the great Motocrossers that have excelled to be champions. You can help by contributing to the library. 

Created by Bill Petro as a way to display some of the thousands of images that were captured through his career as a Photojournalist within the Canadian motorcycle community. In 1972 while attending Photography courses at Connestoga College in Kitchener Ontario, he started going to the Motocross races that his brother George was racing in. It was a great way to practice his photo skills . Soon his pictures were being purchased by the riders and then the magazines. It wasn't long before his talents were noticed by Cycle Canada Magazine. At the time it was a new national magazine with all of the motorcycle news for the Canadian enthusiasts. 



Recent Updates

Carl Vaillancourt

Carl VaillancourtAlthough Quebec has produced many great dirt bike racers from day one, Carl Vaillancourt may be considered the La Belle Province’s first big-name motocross star. In 1990, Vaillancourt, nicknamed the “Drummondville Flyer,” established himself as the top rider in Canada by defeating arch-rivals Ross Pederson and Allan Dyck.

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Bill McLean

Bill McLeanBritish Columbia’s Bill McLean was one of a handful of 1970s motocrossers who managed to give the European, American and Japanese import riders a run for their money. In addition to winning all the requisite provincial titles, he grabbed the No.1 plate in the 1973 Canadian Nationals and won the Open Championship in 1978.

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Alan Dyck

Alan DyckAllan “Too Trick” Dyck, who started motocross relatively late at the age of 15, snatched both the BC Provincial and National 80cc Schoolboy Championship in 1979, his first year of competition. Unlike most aspiring motocross riders, Dyck knew nothing about the sport and had no heroes or influences that pushed him on toward sanctioned competition.

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Ross Pederson

Ross PedersonRoss was born Oct 7, 1960 in Medicine Hat Alberta. He didn’t start riding until he was 15. Saw a bunch of guys out in a field riding around and said “Hey, I can do that, and he tried it”. That was 1975. He won the Alberta Junior title in 1977 and by 1979 he was competing in Canada’s National Championship as an Intermediate rider.

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