NAMSIA – North America Motor Sport Image Archive

Welcome to NAMSIA!

After years of photographing Motorsports across Canada and the U.S., the images I’d taken languished in my files for only me to see. Once in a while editors would call me to find some images of riders they were writing about, and I would dig through literally thousands of negatives to eventually scan a select few for their use.

I soon learned that I really had to watch my time as it was too easy to lose track while sifting through all those memories, and I also realized that so many others would enjoy browsing down this memory lane as much as I did. But as a professional photographer, protecting the image rights is paramount, and getting a cloud-based archive setup was the only way to do this while also providing public access to view the images.

It took me a while to find an affordable system that could search through the images easily, but, thanks to the invaluable help from Churchill Digital, the NAXOS system is finally ready to launch NAMSIA.

Getting the LCM project off the ground has left me a little behind, so I ask that you visit regularly, because I will be uploading new images as often as I can. If you are an LCM Member you will be notified when new material has been added.

So enough about this background stuff—let’s get on with it! Click on the NAMSIA button and use this temporary login information.


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Ordering Prints

Print Prices

4X6 prints $5.00 each
5X7 prints $7.00 each
8X10 prints $25.00 each
8X12 prints $27.00 each

Larger prints can be ordered and will be priced out individually.

Shipping charges are extra, and will be charged according to destination and method.

All images are sold for personal use only — no publishing or reproduction rights of any kind are granted.


Be a contributor

We are always on the lookout for quality photographic images and video clips to expand the Legends of Canadian Motocross website and NAMSIA archives.

If you have a memorable moment of your favourite Legend that you’d like to include in the NAMSIA Library, please contact me ( and we can decide the best way get them included. Make sure you include details about the rider(s), event (date, place, etc.), and the name of the photographer/copyright holder, as well as your own contact information.

We look forward to seeing how you captured the perfect Legendary moment!